How to Choose a Lab Coat for Work

If you work as a doctor, in a laboratory, or otherwise need a lab coat, choosing the right product is important. Don’t wrongly assume that all lab coats are made the same. This is simply untrue and may cause you to buy the wrong coat. Since you’ll wear your lab coat quite often, it’s important to carefully choose the best lab coats for female doctors.

best lab coats for female doctors

Lab Coat Material

Lab coats are made from a variety of materials, including cotton/polyester blend, which is the most popular of the materials. This material is lightweight, durable, and comfortable and of course, it wears well with several styles to choose from. Aside from the material, it’s important to decide if you want a lightweight, medium weight, or heavyweight material.


Traditional lab coats are long and bulky but many more stylish options are also available. Choose the style most flattering to your day at work to ensure that you’re comfortable in the lab coat and that you enjoy wearing the coat.


Money doesn’t grow on trees, so keeping costs in mind when making any purchase is important. Determine your budget for the lab coat well ahead of purchase and stick as closely to this amount as possible.


Yes, many brands create their own lab coat versions and some are made better than others. Do keep brand in mind when making a lab coat purchase and you’re sure to be more satisfied with the purchase.


Read online reviews and use information obtained from friends, neighbors, family, and others to help you decipher the best lab coats out of the bench. So often, it is this information that puts us in touch with the exact things that we want and need.